How to survive a long haul flight

Okey, so part of traveling are these long haul flights to get to your destination, and i actually love those. For me, the journey starts as soon as I leave my home, or let's say on the airport. I make sure to be there around two h before my departure, I just love the vibe there, and I also love looking at people wondering where they are heading. 
Anyhow, how to survive a long haul flight. 
First of all I always make sure to have a glass of red wine on the airport to celebrate life, and some food. 
But what are my must haves?
Must haves to bring on a long flight
- Travelpillow - super important. I get so uncomfy and end up having pain in my neck if I don't use one
- Extra layer. It gets really cold, especially during night. 
- Books and magazines, now you have the time to dig in, you have nothing else to do..
- Good earplugs
- USB cable - keeping your phone from running out. Nowadays most of the airplanes have USB plugs at every seat
- Pen, paper and the address of where you are staying. Some countries require to fill in a form before entering
- I always bring moisturizer, facemist, eyebrow pencil - just to freshen up! 
My advice for a long travel is to be present. I listen to music, watch movies, sipping a glass of wine, making sure to drink water, try to enjoy my airplane meals. I now and then write down dremas, feelings etc. I take this time to reflect on everything and try to enjoy the journey, knowing that I'm going somewhere is relly exciting, but trying to be present is also a magical feeling. Try to be present, and not only long for the final destination. 
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