My first time living abroad

Good evening <3 
Sunday and it's dark outside. I'm having a cup of chai tea and thought it would be fun to write about my first time living abroad. 
I've had the privilege to see and experience many different countries ever since I was just a few months old. My parents love traveling and I think that's the reason I love it so much as well. See new places, try new new food, meet different cultures etc - i love it all. 
I've always been curious about living abroad, so four days after I graduated from high school i left my howntown with two friends and moved to Italy. We stayed four months in Figline Valdarno, which is about 1 h from Florens, working and living in a big resort. We had so much fun, met new friends (friends i still have), learned how to take care of ourselves and growing as individuals. But, after four monhts it was time to head back to sweden, the season was over and I was eager to get away on another aventure before I even landed in Sweden. 
Said and done, after a few months in my hometown I left for Australia, and I've had the chance to live in Norway, Cyprus (where i was studying) and Mexico after that. 
 Kyrenia- Cyprus 
Mexico and Italy were my to favourite places and Mexico is where I lived the longest. 
If you are curious about living somewhere else, just go for it. 
It might seem a bit scary, leaving the security you have at home, but it will all be worth it. Because living abroad is one of the most satisfying and challenging things a person can do. It altered the core of who I thought I was and who I am now. Living abroad changed me.
After experiences like these, we get to see the world with a new, refined set of eyes. And this is excellent, because, as Wayne Dyer put it, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.
xo, E
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Vad inspirerande du är , att våga . Utvecklas som människa.


Vilka fina erfarenheter du har fått med dig . Mycket man lär sig om sig själv.