Längesedan jag skrev något här, har inte riktigt hunnit med. Vi är inne i dec och på @sunseasaltbeachwear har vi en giveaway varje söndag fram till jul! Gå in och kika på vär instagram för att vara med! 

Annars, det händer en väldigt rolig sak i januari, men det vill jag inte berätta ännu, förens allt är helt spikat! 
Hur mår ni?





Fina @carolanejack i vår tropical black bikini! 
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My first time living abroad

Good evening <3 
Sunday and it's dark outside. I'm having a cup of chai tea and thought it would be fun to write about my first time living abroad. 
I've had the privilege to see and experience many different countries ever since I was just a few months old. My parents love traveling and I think that's the reason I love it so much as well. See new places, try new new food, meet different cultures etc - i love it all. 
I've always been curious about living abroad, so four days after I graduated from high school i left my howntown with two friends and moved to Italy. We stayed four months in Figline Valdarno, which is about 1 h from Florens, working and living in a big resort. We had so much fun, met new friends (friends i still have), learned how to take care of ourselves and growing as individuals. But, after four monhts it was time to head back to sweden, the season was over and I was eager to get away on another aventure before I even landed in Sweden. 
Said and done, after a few months in my hometown I left for Australia, and I've had the chance to live in Norway, Cyprus (where i was studying) and Mexico after that. 
 Kyrenia- Cyprus 
Mexico and Italy were my to favourite places and Mexico is where I lived the longest. 
If you are curious about living somewhere else, just go for it. 
It might seem a bit scary, leaving the security you have at home, but it will all be worth it. Because living abroad is one of the most satisfying and challenging things a person can do. It altered the core of who I thought I was and who I am now. Living abroad changed me.
After experiences like these, we get to see the world with a new, refined set of eyes. And this is excellent, because, as Wayne Dyer put it, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.
xo, E
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How to survive a long haul flight

Okey, so part of traveling are these long haul flights to get to your destination, and i actually love those. For me, the journey starts as soon as I leave my home, or let's say on the airport. I make sure to be there around two h before my departure, I just love the vibe there, and I also love looking at people wondering where they are heading. 
Anyhow, how to survive a long haul flight. 
First of all I always make sure to have a glass of red wine on the airport to celebrate life, and some food. 
But what are my must haves?
Must haves to bring on a long flight
- Travelpillow - super important. I get so uncomfy and end up having pain in my neck if I don't use one
- Extra layer. It gets really cold, especially during night. 
- Books and magazines, now you have the time to dig in, you have nothing else to do..
- Good earplugs
- USB cable - keeping your phone from running out. Nowadays most of the airplanes have USB plugs at every seat
- Pen, paper and the address of where you are staying. Some countries require to fill in a form before entering
- I always bring moisturizer, facemist, eyebrow pencil - just to freshen up! 
My advice for a long travel is to be present. I listen to music, watch movies, sipping a glass of wine, making sure to drink water, try to enjoy my airplane meals. I now and then write down dremas, feelings etc. I take this time to reflect on everything and try to enjoy the journey, knowing that I'm going somewhere is relly exciting, but trying to be present is also a magical feeling. Try to be present, and not only long for the final destination. 
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